Odds are you are not eating enough of the natural herb that has been studied more than garlic, ginseng, cinnamon and ginger for its healing properties. Turmeric has been the focus of 6,235 peer-reviewed articles (as of 2016) which tell the amazing health benefits this versatile spice offers. How powerful is this natural healer for gastrointestinal health as well as the prevention and treatment of digestive system disorders?

Many of those 6,235 studies report that “using curcumin is
more advantageous than certain prescription drugs” for a number of serious health conditions.

For gastrointestinal issues, the curcumin found in turmeric is as good or better than medication. Consider the fact that this natural substance has zero side effects, and you can see why you should be getting more turmeric in your life for the health properties it delivers.

Research shows that turmeric benefits surpass those of:

• Inflammatory bowel disease drugs
• Pain killers
• Anti-inflammatory drugs
• Anticoagulants
• Chemotherapy
• Antidepressants
• Diabetes drugs
• Arthritis medications
• Cholesterol drugs
• Steroids

Do this before sleep and lose pounds!

Many of those medicine-based treatments are used to treat problems in the digestive tract or gut. It is believed by health experts that up to 70% of all human disease begins in your gut. Since turmeric can help prevent inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) and other gut-based health conditions, it just makes sense to get more of it into your diet.

If you really want to boost turmeric’s natural healing properties, do this. Add black pepper, preferably freshly crushed, to turmeric in your meals. This simple move increases the bioavailability of the health properties of turmeric by up to 2,000%.