There is no up without down, no Yin without Yang, no day without night. There are also pros and cons to every type of dietary approach. In a perfect world your diet plan would have nothing but upside. You know this is not the way of human existence. There are always going to be good and bad qualities or side effects to any diet, and the blood type diet is no different.

Blood Type Diet Pros

Blood type diet practitioners will be quick to tell you about the wonderful weight loss the program delivers. Regardless of your blood type, as long as you eat right for your type, weight loss can come quickly if you are overweight or obese. This is one of the most significant benefits of the blood type diet.

Another health advantage concerns your immune system. This is your body’s natural defense system against infection and disease. Eat the foods that your body processes effectively and a strengthened immune system is one of the many benefits.

You will also receive mental rewards. Debilitating neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s are often related to improper and unhealthy dietary practices. Eating right for your type gives your body what it’s asking for. This means all of your internal physiological processes, including your mental functions, are healthier and happier.

One of the biggest pros is the fact that healthy, unprocessed foods are the focus, no matter what blood type you possess. With all 4 blood types, you are urged to choose fresh, wholesome, organic and grass-fed or free -range foods whenever possible.

Blood Type Diet Cons

Do this before sleep and lose pounds!

One of the biggest knocks on the blood type diet has to do with adherence. It can be difficult at first to discover your blood type, and then cater your diet to the restrictions and allowances which deliver the best health rewards. Meal planning, shopping, preparing and cooking foods can be difficult on the blood type diet for a single person, even more so for someone with cooking for several different blood types.

You may also discover that you are getting too little or too much of certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Type As are recommended to adopt a vegetarian way of eating. This means that a type A individual will not usually be consuming as much protein as a type O, which eats a lot of meat.

So you should monitor your important vitamin and mineral levels when you first get started on a blood type diet. Simple supplementation is the daily or weekly answer if you find your particular blood type is limiting important nutrients or vitamins from your diet. Another downside (one you will probably be happy to live with) to this dietary approach is all the money you are going to have to spend on new clothes when you start losing weight and becoming fit, trim and healthy.