Diet for the Blood type O

If you have type O blood, your eating profile can be directly traced to the first human beings. Those ancient ancestors of yours were meat eaters. This means you have a very strong digestive tract and an overactive immune system. Just like the fight or flight response that kept your ancient type O predecessors alive, you respond best to stress with intense physical activity. Intense aerobic exercise delivers the best health results for this blood type.

This means you must keep your metabolism fired up and working properly if you want to stay lean and full of energy. In the blood type diet, you can enjoy lots of healthy animal protein. Your digestive system handles this food and protein source easily, while some other blood types do not.
Because your blood type can be traced back to a time when the human diet was lacking in variety, you naturally possess the digestive system that doesn’t find grains and dairy products easy to process. The way your body breaks down food is simply not used to grains, milk, eggs and cheese, because these were not common food sources when your blood type appeared in the human time-line.

What Types of Foods Should a Type O Be Eating?

Do this before sleep and lose pounds!

As just mentioned, your body naturally responds well to animal protein. However, you should still seek out lean, chemical-free, fresh cuts of meat, fish and poultry whenever possible. Opt for free-range and organic meats so you steer clear of the wide range of pesticides, antibiotics, toxins and harmful substances found in a lot of processed meat these days.
If weight loss is your goal, your type O blood will steer you towards initial weight loss when you cut back on the amount of grains, legumes, beans and breads you eat. One of the driving forces of unwanted weight gain for type O individuals is the gluten found in whole wheat products and wheat germ. Corn also does the same thing, to a lesser degree.

Some type Os that have struggled with overweight and obesity their whole lives have seen instant and lasting weight loss by simply eliminating wheat from their diets. Unfortunately, you have a natural tendency for hypothyroidism. This improper thyroid production exists because of your naturally low level of iodine. Eat plenty of kelp and seafood as a type O, and you can avoid weight gain due to thyroid problems. Eating liver, red meat, kale, spinach and broccoli will boost your metabolism, effectively and automatically regulating your ideal and healthy body weight.