Diet for the Blood type A

If you believe in the importance of finishing first, congratulations are in order. You are directly related to the first vegetarians in human history. This means you have a milder digestive track than a type O individual.

You also possess a very sensitive immune system and you adapt well to multiple dietary changes and environmental conditions. You respond best to stress with calming, soothing actions. Practices like tai chi, meditation, yoga and Pilates work better to deliver health for you than intense physical activities.

If you want to stay fit and lean, energetic and productive, you are going to have to adopt an agrarian diet – this means going vegetarian or vegan, especially if you are looking to drop fat and excess pounds and regulate your ideal body weight.

If you have in the past eaten typical meat and potatoes meals, you may find it hard to resist infection and disease, and lose weight. Switch to a vegetarian diet and you will thrive from head to toe, full of energy, automatically regulating a healthy weight.

What Types of Foods Should a Type A Be Eating?

It may be difficult for you to move away from a processed, meat-based approach to nutrition. However, if you want to finally realize optimal health and wellness, moving to a plant-based diet as a type A human is absolutely crucial. There are still plenty of protein sources that don’t include meat. Soy proteins, grains and vegetables deliver all of your protein needs.

Do this before sleep and lose pounds!

Because of your sensitive immune system, you are unfortunately predisposed to contracting cancer, heart disease and diabetes at a higher rate than other blood types. This is why watching what you eat is so important. Plant-based foods are extremely high in antioxidants and enzymes which bolster your immune system. Since you were naturally born with a weaker defense system, loading up on grains, vegetables, fruits and whole grains is vital to your lifelong health and wellness.

When you start avoiding meat, you could find weight loss coming rather rapidly on the type A diet. When you eat red meat you probably feel sluggish and sapped of energy. Compare that to the last time you got protein through plant foods, and you will see that a vegetarian approach is the best way to go for your blood type.

Eat a wide variety of low-fat, healthy foods such as soy food products, vegetables, pineapples and vegetable oils. Limit your intake of lean, red meats and poultry to once or twice a week, or avoid them entirely. Be careful of eating too many lima and kidney beans, wheat and dairy products, as those foods can lead to weight gain. Eat as many healthy, fresh greens as you like.