Blood type diet and Lectins

Lectins are abundant and diverse proteins found in foods. They are very good at attaching themselves to compounds, internal body parts and molecules. They can be found lining your digestive tract. These lectins effectively allow natural organisms to latch onto other natural organisms. So when you eat foods that contain lectins which are incompatible to your blood type, bad things can happen.

If you have type A blood and you eat some lima beans, your natural digestive process begins. Those lima beans eventually make it to the stomach where they are digested through a process called acid hydrolysis. Unfortunately for you, the lectin proteins found in lima beans are resistant to acid hydrolysis. Those lectins do not get broken down. They stay intact, clinging to the lining in your stomach or your intestinal tract.

Here is where lectins incompatible with your blood type create a problem. They have a magnetic effect on every nearby cell, and greedily latch on to these cells. Your body incorrectly identifies healthy cells as foreign bodies, and targets them, along with the incompatible lectins, for removal and disposal.

This can cause a blockage of blood flow through your kidneys, irritable bowel syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, or some other problematic health condition. These dangerous but natural superglues come from eating foods which are incompatible with your system.
When you adhere to eating right for your blood type, lectins
are not a problem, since you are only consuming those proteins which your body knows how to dispose of properly.

Do this before sleep and lose pounds!

This is one of the reasons that the blood type diet can lead to such quick and effective weight loss. Your particular blood type is catered to. When your blood type appeared in the time-line of human history, people ate a certain way. Type Os are directly linked to the first human blood type, which appeared at a time when humans ate mostly meat. Blood type A made its appearance right as humans were moving to an agrarian, plant-based way of eating. Type ABs are the most recent blood type, and are the healthiest when they consume a balance of type A and type B-friendly foods.

That means your internal physiological processes are more inclined to function effectively when you eat certain foods, and avoid others. This keeps incompatible lectins from causing health problems, promotes fat burning weight loss, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and delivers plenty of other physical and mental health rewards.